Darshell McAlpine

Darshell McAlpine is an accomplished storyteller, depending on who you ask. Her love of reading good books grew into a love of writing them.  She has no literary awards to brag about but according to her daughter, a fine writer in her own right, Darshell is one of the greatest wordsmiths to put pen to paper. She has been writing for over thirty years, crafting literature for local magazines. Finally, she paused from an insane schedule long enough to finish Leaving With My Marbles. You can find her curled up with a book wearing a ratty t-shirt and fluffy socks somewhere in Texas where she lives with her family and two cats, Aleks and Nyla. www.darshellmcalpine.com

Darshell McAlpine


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This Is Not A Story About A Cheating Ex-Husband…

Each of us will leave something or someone at some point.  You can decide now to lose your mind on the way out of the door or you can devise a plan that ensures you walk away whole.  Leaving with My Marbles takes you through my journey to identify the tools that gave me the courage to walk away intact. 


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