You’ve taken the brave step of crafting a manuscript, a culmination of your life’s experience, creativity, passion and desire to be heard. Boss Lady Press is here to navigate you through the next steps and assist you in turning that manuscript into a book. We recognize you have a host of publishing options to choose from and we understand how overwhelming it may be to make the right choice.  As you prepare to transform from a writer to an author, you have the responsibility to accept nothing less than excellence in publishing.  


Boss Lady Press is your final stop in your quest for excellence. We offer a host of customizable options that can be tailored to fit your particular style and budget. No matter your choice we are committed to producing your publication with excellence. From consultation to printing, we mark every step with our signature service.  


No matter where you find yourself in your writing journey, Boss Lady Press is committed to providing you with exceptional products and services throughout the publishing process. Allow us to help you produce the next masterpiece! 


Boss Lady Press has a host of low-cost or no-cost options to provide you with valuable independent publishing information. Do you want to learn how to publish your book on your own or would you like us to do it for you? You decide!


We get that your book reflects your hard work. Leading industry graphics artists and design specialists watch over your book, guaranteeing the design is one of a kind keeping your unique vision in mind. We steer clear of warehousing and recycling ideas so you never have to worry that we will use your specific design in other publications or that you will end up with someone’s design.  


Capitalize on the opportunity to choose the publishing process that is right for your particular book project and your budget. If our existing packages do not work for you, we can customize a plan that does. 


Independent publishing has its own set of industry standards that vary by genre. From cover design to layout to font selection Boss Lady Press can teach you the nuances. Develop your publishing expertise by learning to use strategies, proven best-practices, and taking practically actionable steps that ensure you produce refined publications.  



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Boss Lady Press

40 FM 1960, #141

Houston, Texas 77090

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