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Ferrell E. Phelps, Jr.

Ferrell E. Phelps Jr. is an artist, local talk show host, and renowned celebrity photographer born and bred in Houston, Texas where he still lives today. He is a creative visionary and the author of several photographic books that are as much about societal difficulties and triumphs as they are about photography. He uses his camera to capture and transform his audience while elevating his models and has received numerous awards for his humanitarian work. His Skin I'm In Model and Talent Agency was birthed to further his work showcasing uniquely beautiful people.

Author: Ferrell E. Phelps, Jr.


Skin Deep - The Skin I'm in

I developed the Skin I'm In project to be reflective of the beauty in our differences and to challenge the prejudices that exist in our minds. In this work, you will not only see the models who deal with societal ignorance based on their outward appearance, but you will hear their stories and share some of their life experiences. This is an opportunity to educate ourselves and coming generations on the importance of embracing and celebrating differences and to eliminate bullying and other forms of intolerance. One of the most important things you can do within the realm of your mind is to accept yourself as well as others and learn to love and embrace the skin you're in.


The Skin I'm In: Beyond the Mask


The Skin I’m In project continues to impact the world with volume two: Beyond the Mask.


We are starting to have the uncomfortable but necessary conversations about our differences and why they should not divide us. I hope you read this book with the same enthusiasm I had creating it. May the people of the world come to understand through education and understanding that We Are One!!!



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