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 The birth of a child should bring joy and pull families together, but when Jacah Jefferson enters the world, broken relationships, abuse, and an unspeakable crime threaten to tear a family apart. In five short months, the miracle of Jacah’s birth, most felt by his step-grandmother, Stacy Williams, is clouded by tragedy. Jacah’s tiny body has been battered from head to toe, leaving him at death’s door. Stacy comes to his rescue, wrapping her whole heart around him to heal his broken body. She fights for the privilege of giving him a life full of undying love. Life is a like a ladder, every breath is a step. God sent Stacy to hold Jacah’s ladder steady and help him climb. This story of a woman’s unwillingness to give up and one little boy’s will to survive against all odds will move you.


When Alma Lee Inkerness decides to end her life after losing her husband suddenly, she returns to her childhood home. Before she can rest in peace, she is compelled to tell the truth about a grizzly crime kept hidden for more than forty years through an oath of silence. Set in the historic Hough neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio in the 1960’s, the novel delves into the dangers of family secrets, betrayals of faith, cycles of abuse, and murder. This a triumphant love story exploring the extent husbands, wives, best friends, and even the most devout will go to get what they want whether good or evil. 

Fall 2024



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